Axure Widget Library update July 2017

Announcing an overhauled SHC Axure widget library
We conducted multiple feedback sessions, including at least 7 UXAs from diverse teams.
Organization and content were key pain points; improved in this version. If you did not like the widget library before, or haven’t tried it yet, please check it out and give feedback.

Updates included:

Re-Organization of all widgets – including

  • Clear separation between Mobile and Desktop
  • Label changes to folders and widgets
  • Prioritized  UI elements for easy drag&drop. Eliminated “sheets”.
  • Within each folder, Organized widgets into logical groups; most common at top.

Content updates

  • Added Annotation widgets
  • Added (lots of mobile!) of new widgets and page templates that were previously absent
  • Updates to all widgets to follow the current guidelines & live sites.
  • Updated Full Page Templates for both Mobile and Desktop to have consistent widths.
  • Icons are now all SVG (requires v8) for better display in browser and easy customization.
  • Created two variations of some of the widgets: static, interactive.
  • Updates to “group” behavior in widgets
  • Genericized content like product titles, images, prices in widgets

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